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Originally Posted by seb View Post
Same story Im hearing all over. I am getting calls from every dealer in town from the same people that laughed at msrp not too long ago. I was #9 at my dealer (Lauderdale pembroke pines) right before launch last weekend and I got a call saying the next allocation goes to me. I decided to go to another dealer and they actually had 3 cars (MR/bamboo, SSII/FR, IB/silver), and are taking orders at MSRP. (south motors). What I dont understand is what happened to all the 9 people in front of me, did they see the car and hate it? the e46 M3 was a huge car here in Miami, I cant tell you how many of them you see around.
I believe those people are primarily "eBay Entrepreneurs" that bailed. There are a lot of people in this country that are trying to flip consumer goods much like "investors" were flipping real estate: buy it, list it, let outrageous demand and hysteria carry you to riches. It's been done on a lot of things: iPhones, PS3s, Wiis, etc. Later, they realize demand was entirely artificial (the people were in line to sell on eBay, not to purchase it for themselves). With reference to cars, there were people who wanted to sell their allocation spot for $10k+ and never have to front the commitment or the entire amount for the M3. The tepid interest in the car, and subsequently the dried up secondary market, is causing many of those 9 in front of you to bail.

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