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Originally Posted by chicagobimmerboy View Post
Why oh why do we in the US have to deal with BS stuff on the cars imported here. Just on the M3, only the US cars have reflectors on the bumpers, the seat bottoms are changed, launch control has historically been crippled. Its not only on BMW's its on almost every high performance import but why? why do we have to deal with changes made to our cars?

Reflectors: US regulations, (not such a big deal anyway, easy replace/paint)

Seat bottom: :clueless: But if you have a big bottom that means lower CG . I'm hoping this will be cheap and easy to replace with Euro spec side bolsters.

Launch control: The E46 had this, it was just watered down a bit. I don't know if SMG of the US M5 and M6 have it. The DCT is not out yet and I have not heard that the US will not get launch control with it. We'll just have to wait and see.