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I know media has covered the idea, and the lack of chance, for Hilary/Obama, but even if there was an extremely slight possibility that Obama would settle for VP, I would support McCain. I like Obama because he's a checkers piece on a chess board, and he's making all the seasonal players worry. He is unexperienced, and that's kind of what I would want at the moment, instead of someone who has every lobbyist on fast dial.

I like McCain, I think he would make a pretty solid president, but not now - instead of Bush, 8 years ago, he would have been a good choice. People say age doesn't matter, but when your president has to wear granny diapers to international conventions, I think it's a clue that he should relax at his lakeside mansion (not saying he has one, go with me on this one.)

Obama to me isn't just a political figure, he's symbollic to choice (change? i get them mixed up a lot...) Maybe it's because I remember vividly the events in Ukraine when Yushenko got elected, and the "Orange Revolution", but I think once in a while people need to remind the government, and careerist politicians that votes, not bank accounts, are that which matter. I see Ukraine now, and I see a broken government, President who can't deliver on the promises he made due to a variety of circumstances, but in my view a broken government is better than a corrupt one.