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Originally Posted by Dolemite79 View Post
My dad bought a 335i in oct from vista and told the CA that we would be back to buy a car for me later this year so i hope that we can talk him into msrp or slightly over
The new E9x M3 will be made to exceed production and sales over the E46 M3, a car that by the second year was at least $2000 below MSRP (by the third year was already $4000 below), the economy is not doing well and Premium gas is running towards $4.00 a gallon... so why you want to pay "slightly over" MSRP?

Can we just stop the insanity, please? This will never be a "limited production vehicle". It wasn't, it is not, and never will be as long as it is based on a mass produced vehicle and the sales projections are in the one hundred thousand for its run.

This is strictly a MSRP car right now, and way below MSRP within 6 months. Anything else is just a game of gotcha!! And the more suckers out there are playing that game the more difficult will it be to just stop this ADM stupidity as soon as possible...

If you are a previous customer as you said your were, offer at least $1000 below MSRP to the same salesperson and start from there. Just call the bluff...