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Originally Posted by lotus_enzo View Post
Did a search for "bone stock" and other terms but didn't really find anything so hopefully this isn't an old subject - if so please disregard.
Just FYI, the reason your search did not succeed is the definition of "bone stock" has nothing to do with how the car is optioned from the factory. Rather, it refers to a car that has no mods.

You are looking for a car with no (or few) options. Nothing wrong with that, lots of people are considering cars with just a couple options, since the options can easily increase the price of the car by 20% or more. For the M3, the big costs are the premium package and the technology package, both of which I plan to do without. I will also skip 19s most likely. What I cannot go without are metallic paint (need Interlagos), USB, Bluetooth, sunroof and, potentially, M-DCT.
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