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Originally Posted by Mo View Post
You should feel very fortunate. My dealership doesn't allow people to test drive... I actually just wanted to see the Sedan and they were like "we got two of them sold them both 15k over sticker..." whatever.... Anyways, can you describe the M3 sedan? I mean is it impressive? Massive? wide?
allow me to pitch in re: the sedan. i went to see both cars today in the same dealer and all i can say that it simply looks awesome IRL. and i agree with everyone in this forum who said that the rear fenders look more prominent than the coupe's (although the coupe's ain't that bad either). maybe it's simply because of the inherent design of the sedan, having such a fat @$$ and the fenders just made it more agressive. on the downside, the taillights are just simply ugly in my opinion. this may sound absurd, but if i was ready to buy an M3 right now, (and i do not have a need to haul 2 or 3 people on a regular basis) the ugly taillights may be the factor that will dissuade me from buying the sedan and go for the coupe instead. but then, that's just me. ) maybe blacklines will help a lil better?

as for the dealership in seattle, yeah, i do agree we're lucky that those guys are not treating their M3s as if they're some picasso art or something. as i was walking up to the coupe, there were two guys getting ready to take it out for a spin. sweet mama....the sound almost made me piss in my pants.