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Originally Posted by Hans Delbruck View Post
I want the sedan instead of the coupe for practical reasons, plus it just feels less claustrophobic inside. Any convincing that they are virtually the same car is good. I haven't re enough comparing the two.
It does seem more open in front, I guess the seat sits slightly higher in the sedan. Actually room up front in the coupe is only .1" height and width difference from than the sedan. Best way to compare the two dimensions is the cad illustrations in the back of the brochure. I have not driven either, just sat in both and it does feel like you are sitting lower (just slightly though) in the coupe.

Backseat clearly has more openness in the sedan. Two of the dealers in Phx have Jerez Black Sedans and Coupes side by side so you can really get a good feel between both styles comparing apples to apples in colors.

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