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Originally Posted by Carolyn0944 View Post
The Book of Mormon is not a Holy Bible; it is filled with cultish rituals that mormons believe in that have no biblical background whatsoever; I have several very dear friends who profess the mormon faith and are dear sweet people; very devout in their faith; I hv been to lectures by a gentleman who is now a Christian who was raised in the mormon faith by devout parents; he agrees it is a cult..they denounce Jesus as the Son of God and profess Him to only be a prophet like their leader who never was a prophet.

I know a family well in our area who had a teenage daughter murdered in high school; most precious family & child; after her death, because they don't believe single women can go to heaven, they married her to someone in the church "after her death." They baptize people "after their death," which is not biblical. They wear "holy underwear," go figure....They are required to have a one year storage allotment of certain things, including gas & food; I'd hate to have to keep a year's worth of gas right now...I could go on and on but what's the use...You would argue til the sun comes up. There are differences in religious faiths; some are scriptural and some are cults.

I choose to believe the Bible as it is written; I realize there were books removed from the Bible in early days; those that were felt to have no Godly inspirational or doctrine. I place my faith on the Bible as it is today; and I also know that we don't always understand exactly what some of the scripture means but because it was meant as a guideline for our lives and because I love the Lord, I read and study it.

That is not to say that there are many people who practice false religions or no religion at all that are not very good people. People who do much for humanity and live a respectable life. But, the Lord tells us if they do not accept Him as Lord and Savior and recognize that we are born into sin (through Adam & Eve), we will not entered into the kingdom of heaven. That being said, you don't believe in the Bible and there isn't really anything anyone can do about that except profess the gospel to you. What you do from there on out is your business. He only tells me that I must go & tell the gospel, you will make your own choice.

I choose NOT to practice process of NOT thinking called faith.
Your rituals are as bizarre as theirs.

Same crap, different package.

And what exactly happens in the kingdom of heaven? Please elaborate?
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