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Originally Posted by lotus_enzo View Post
Did a search for "bone stock" and other terms but didn't really find anything so hopefully this isn't an old subject - if so please disregard.

So how ridiculous would it be to order a completely bone stock AW e90 sedan? I've had a couple e46 M3s and an M coupe and never really needed many options, except xeons. now that those are stock, I can't see any reason to really add anything more. I like the cloth seats - leather is good for resale value but it also much worse for showing wear. I'd take leatherette before leather again. - they are much more grippy.

Just curious to see if anyone else considered this.
The only option I would consider is the premium pack just because of the M Dynamic Mode and all the other ways if improving the performance of the car. IMO it's really something very particular on the car and I really think that will improve re-sale value A LOT.

The rest is "extra", including the leather seats.