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Originally Posted by rvacha View Post
My dealer made the same "mistake" Or perhaps it is on purpose to insure that it doesn't get scuffed prior to delivery?
You are probably right.

Hold the disassembly! I don't know for sure what you were looking at but my guess is if it was green and looked like two back-to back Ds it was the low beam/parking light on indicator. I'm betting the car was delivered with the lights in auto mode and if the weather was crappy they were probably on.
Right again--manual page 13 show this as "parking lamps/low beams" indicator

If you do this I recommend WMA Lossless over WAV. WMA Lossless can be tagged while WAV cannot. iDrive knows how to read the tags and will allow you to browse by artists, genre, title, etc. Since lossless files are rather large you may want to consider the Lacie 60GB 3600RPM USB hard drive that GeriFix and I use. Its great!
Thanks--I know just enough to be dangerous in this area.

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