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Usually they are pretty bad. One of the reasons I will often write off these reviews is usually its the easiest to drive car that wins, not the fastest. However, the rankings are in line with those of other reviews so thats something...

Last time I was at reno I ran H (after it stopped snowing). And the full config the 2nd day. I do wish they would fix the big ass bumps on the back straight.
I did the full track at Reno that one time and it was not very impressive (track design, bumpiness, flow). Not worth the drive out there. I got down to 2:01.3 at Thunderhill (running the bypass) and 1:50.3 at Infinion with the M3 and Hankook C51s, full track suspension. I know you run the Elise. You ever do time trial with NASA? It is good fun!
Driving sideways: It's not faster, but damn it's more fun!