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thanks south ....

... and thats why i want the DCT box, even though im a manual fan boy ... just feel the 7 speed is more well mated to the V8 than the 6 spd would be ... and i feel that if the 6spd vs smg III in the M5 is anything to go by ... why settle for anything less than dct ... (flame suite on ... look just my personal feel) ...

even though different suppliers, are the gear box's in the e9x and E46 M3 not mechanically identical?
One of the reasons that the 6 speed in the M5 was slower than SMGIII was because you could not disable DSC, which inhibited the M5's ability to launch properly. BMW has since changed that and now allows the driver the ability to disable DSC.

With that said SMG was faster than the 6 speed, but not as dramatic as first thought. Obviously, SMG/M-DCT will have a distinct advantage during in-gear accelerations.