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thanks south ....

3. Was not a 6spd manual version of the E60 M5 much slower than its 7 speed SMG III counterpart?

Yes, it was.
... and thats why i want the DCT box, even though im a manual fan boy ... just feel the 7 speed is more well mated to the V8 than the 6 spd would be ... and i feel that if the 6spd vs smg III in the M5 is anything to go by ... why settle for anything less than dct ... (flame suite on ... look just my personal feel) ...

4. Is the 6spd manual box on the E9x M3 not from the E46 M3?

No, different suppliers. The E46 M3's box is made by Getrag, the E9x M3's by ZF.
even though different suppliers, are the gear box's in the e9x and E46 M3 not mechanically identical?

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