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Im sorry guys but you just don't get it.

Sit in a Holden/Pontiac and you are very, very quickly aware that these cars are in a totally different league to a BMW, and not in a good way.

You are greeted with 'tinny' doors, relatively poor fitting and definitely lower quality brittle plastics. Just look underneath and compare the build quality and materials used through the chassis/suspension.

They are very well priced cars, but not comparable to an M car...M cars are more than 0-100kph and 0-400m times...
Well I was talking about the performance of the g8 gxp vs the M. The interior and fit and finish of g8 vs M is not even close but shouldn't be for that price.

Having said that the M's interior is boring without I-drive.I'm pretty disappointed that its not more modern.Whats with the speakers in the doors,plastic pedals? I do like a V8 that pulls all the way to 8400rpm though.

I'd still take a RS5 over it.