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Question about M3 sedan and coupe

Hi everyone
I am a new member here and want to say hi. Ive been lurking for over a year but since i just ordered my M3 today i decided to join.

I went down and was going to order a E92 but after seeing the E90 and E92 in person side by side I was shocked that I like the E90 alot better. So I ordered the E90. I ordered a
09 E90 AW ecterior, black interior, M DCT, tech pkg, premium pkg, cold weather ,19s. I am waiting for an 09 becasue i refuse to buy a first year BMW. I learned that the hard way.

First question.
I know mechanically and performance wise the 90 and 92 are pretty much identical. But is the suspension on the E90 differently setup in any way to the E92. I searched and couldnt find anything conclusive. most articles dont really say they are the same or different.

The reason why i ask is because back in 1998 i bought a brand new E36 M3 and was going to get the 4 door but after test driving the 2 cars the 4 door had a noticibly softer suspension. After investigating i did find that the 4 door suspension was 3/4 of an inch higher. It was also set up softer and didnt handle as well. So i changed my order to a 2 door. I know you guys are probably gonna say why didnt i just get the 4 door and lower it but i dont like to mod my cars. I will do exhaust, brakes and things like that but especially on an Mcar i dont like touching the suspension in particular. By the way my car will have edc if that makes a difference. If the suspension setups are different i will most likely change my order to a E92.