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Originally Posted by bartman32 View Post
pdjafari - you might want to keep your discriminations in check. Islam is a peaceful religion just as most of the other major religions are. Although I am not an Islam I certainly know those that wish to do us harm are the minority in the religion. Religious zealots. Every religion has them (see KKK and Hitler's army) and they stand for the worst twisted part of any religion. I certainly hope you aren't saying that you think all of Islam is like this. It certainly has nothing to do with $ and I hope you are not insinuating that if they had money they wouldn't be Islamic.
keep my discrimations in check?? I discriminate against every and all religions. I am merely spewing my opinion, if you dont like it, skim over my posts

I am muslim (theres no such thing as 'Is an Islam...) so I know what I am talking about. Regardless, I discriminate the same against all religions and people who blindly follow them. Not just religion, people who follow any ideology or belief w/o knowing WHY don't deserve a place in this world, I'll let Darwins theories take care of that problem.

Religion is the same as politics, they both make an attempt at manipulating people towards there side, and in the end for self gain. Most if not all the major religious leaders are well off, much moreso than the general population. Same goes for politicians...except politicians dont FORCE their ways upon people (at least in a 'real' democracy)...

My point is simple, religion IN MY OPINION is peoples way of controlling the masses in order to further develop least politicians do some good by building roads, schools...