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Originally Posted by Nucking Futs! View Post
Well, Jim (extension 364) from Tire Rack just called me back...Before I post the weight info let me say the reason Tire Rack doesn't list weigh info on their website until it actually arrives is because sometimes manufacturers info isn't accurate (like I said earlier). With that in mind, Breyton said they weigh ~20/21 pounds front/rear...Tire Rack just weighed them this morning & they each weigh 26.5/27.5 pounds. Besides the rear using spacers, I really like these wheels. I knew it was too good to be true for a $300 USD 19" wheel to weigh ~20 pounds, oh well. Props to Tire Rack for a quick response though.
If that is accurate it clearly isnt as light as Breyton told me. Then again, it isnt that heavy that, for road wheels, you would notice. Certainly a lot better than most wheels and probably only bettered by BBS wheels.

Having had CHs on my TT for 2 years and not fancying LMs as they have been done to death, I think I'll stick with the Breytons. I have the OEM 18s for track so thats fine.

Thanks for the info