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Originally Posted by pdjafari View Post
So you choose to believe in something nobody has any evidence of whether it exists or not, blindly on the fact that one day you could be right and he does exist and wont punish you b/c you decided not to eat fish on a sunday??

Man has and always will be insignificant in this world. Unfortunately, man's ego is such that we require justifying our presence in this world by creating fictional religions and events which took place in the past. We further attempt at 'proving' these theories based on books that have long been manipulated by countless people, which were never written by the individuals known as 'profits' today. Man needs to feel important, man wants to feel superior in comparison with the other creatures we share this space with. Therefore, perhaps we would like to make ourselves feel more significant by performing rituals or acts which may please 'god/allah/jehova etc'?

Believing bilndly in anything is exactly what individuals do in backwards a$$ed countries like Iraq/Afghanistan. They follow their religious leaders blindly based on what they are told. They have an excuse....they are unedcuated, what about us living in first world countries who have a literacy rate >75% and an education? Are we supposed to be just as narrow minded and naive as they are? Theres a reason why we have roads, schools, jobs, money, cars...and I promise you its not because there are virgins waiting for those who strap bombs to their chests...
pdjafari - you might want to keep your discriminations in check. Islam is a peaceful religion just as most of the other major religions are. Although I am not an Islam I certainly know those that wish to do us harm are the minority in the religion. Religious zealots. Every religion has them (see KKK and Hitler's army) and they stand for the worst twisted part of any religion. I certainly hope you aren't saying that you think all of Islam is like this. It certainly has nothing to do with $ and I hope you are not insinuating that if they had money they wouldn't be Islamic.