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Originally Posted by pdjafari View Post
"What has religion done for mankind? How has it helped mankind develop or move forward? How has it made things easier for us? What benefit has religion provided mankind?"

Scientists have done more for humanity than any religion ever has or will do. Most scientists (great minds from 17th-19th centuries) had no belief in god, which is interesting. Scientists and those great minds have made life easier for humanity, in terms of medicine, physics, math and the list goes on and on...

I really cant think of anything...other than war, death, corruption...of course this is not the fault of religions, it is the fault of humans. Until humans can stop using religion for self gain and benefit...religion will always be exactly what it is today, a floater. You flush and flush, but it just wont go down and keeps coming back to the top...
I think I'd argue that Wars have helped technology. Most of our inventions do come from the military. Aside from that I'd agree. And btw I don't think those inventions are worth the billions of lives they have cost.