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Originally Posted by pdjafari View Post
This picture here helps me come to terms with reality. We are nothing but a spec of dust in this larger universe. How large is the universe? Anybody know?? Its said to be infinite...can anybody here even comprehend ANYTHING thats INFINITE!!!???? As most of you know, a human is not even visible from space......Everytime you think about GOD and religion, look at these pics below and remember...your nothign but a spec of dust....helps put things in perspective...

I am sure we are noticed in an infinite universe, where the possibiliy exists that there are another 100 solar systems with 100 other plant earths thinking/wondering exactly what we are...
That's exactly what God told Abraham about his "sons" or "family", that He would give him children that numbered the stars in the sky and the sand grains in the sea; meaning those that came after him who kept his faith would belong to him. He did not understand what God meant at the time, just like we don't understand some things today. We are but a speck on this earth while we're here and when we leave yet God tells us we are the apple of His eye. He loves us above all others; even our wives, husbands, children.
Nothing grieves Him more than to lose one of His children. We can never comprehend this in earthly terms.