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Originally Posted by GH32335i View Post
Nice post, but they just don't get it (and don't want to). They would rather scoff and mock than take the time to learn and be saved. Yet they spend their whole time on the religion threads. Looking for something I guess. You can lead a horse to water......

They want irrefutable proof that there is a God and a Jesus, yet they take the hook when someone says that life on earth originated from dust that landed on earth from somewhere else in the universe and then mankind eventually evolved from bacteria, to pond scum, to a fish, to a lizard, eventually to an ape, and then to a man. And we're the ones they call ignorant and dillusional.
When you put it like this you open my eyes. Your story is more obvius.
Big man i sky form a doll - blow life in doll - take some from first doll to make doll 2. More life. Puts his dolls in a closed garden and play with them. Gets angry with dolls and tell them to fuck off. Now he makes life realy hard for the dolls he used to play with and kill a lot of them (random) - he keep up the good work.
If the now living dolls he created not do what thay are told they are fucked bigtime. God dont like the things he created anymore and leave.
Noone ever seen the man in the sky - he is shy but still - if you dont beleave in this story you can go to hell......
Whats the point? If he wanted to have a bunch of boring people he would have created them that way. So we could all be the same and look up to him which makes him happy (why?)

Much better story. Welcome to insanity.