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Originally Posted by gum5h03 View Post
It's your choice of course, but I'd rather be safe than sorry. If I'm wrong and it turns out there is no supreme being it's not like there's going to be anyone to tell me "I told you so" , but if I'm right...
So you choose to believe in something nobody has any evidence of whether it exists or not, blindly on the fact that one day you could be right and he does exist and wont punish you b/c you decided not to eat fish on a sunday??

Man has and always will be insignificant in this world. Unfortunately, man's ego is such that we require justifying our presence in this world by creating fictional religions and events which took place in the past. We further attempt at 'proving' these theories based on books that have long been manipulated by countless people, which were never written by the individuals known as 'profits' today. Man needs to feel important, man wants to feel superior in comparison with the other creatures we share this space with. Therefore, perhaps we would like to make ourselves feel more significant by performing rituals or acts which may please 'god/allah/jehova etc'?

Believing bilndly in anything is exactly what individuals do in backwards a$$ed countries like Iraq/Afghanistan. They follow their religious leaders blindly based on what they are told. They have an excuse....they are unedcuated, what about us living in first world countries who have a literacy rate >75% and an education? Are we supposed to be just as narrow minded and naive as they are? Theres a reason why we have roads, schools, jobs, money, cars...and I promise you its not because there are virgins waiting for those who strap bombs to their chests...

What is my opinion on the matter? A 'higher being' does it God or whatever you like, but this being which created the sun, moon, stars and everything else we see does not require attention from us. We are such a self centered creature that we feel this higher power requires our prayers at night, feel the need not to eat pork and fish on sundays and that the 10 commandments are the end all rules for the universe...

ask yourself the question

"What has religion done for mankind? How has it helped mankind develop or move forward? How has it made things easier for us? What benefit has religion provided mankind?"

Scientists have done more for humanity than any religion ever has or will do. Most scientists (great minds from 17th-19th centuries) had no belief in god, which is interesting. Scientists and those great minds have made life easier for humanity, in terms of medicine, physics, math and the list goes on and on...

I really cant think of anything...other than war, death, corruption...of course this is not the fault of religions, it is the fault of humans. Until humans can stop using religion for self gain and benefit...religion will always be exactly what it is today, a floater. You flush and flush, but it just wont go down and keeps coming back to the top...