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The break in on these cars is not a big deal at all.By the time you get the car it probally has been started & moved over a 100 times from production to arrival at your dealer.The modern engines that have the micro-finished cylinder walls seat the rings within the 1st couple of minutes of running and the biggest danger in shipping are the morons that insist on reving a cold motor.But this is out of our control,so just accept the fact that how you drive it for the 1st couple of thousand kms makes very little real difference in the long term performance of your new car.
However that being said I will "break in: my new M3 the way that I have with every new motor or vehicle for the last 30 years which is ,low load till fully warmed up(oil Temp) and then drive it normally with the odd run to redline.It has allways worked for me in the past.