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Originally Posted by ChineseGuy View Post
The universe works different than your fish tank, and you are not God. According to the bible, God is omnipotent, and you're not; therefore, God can control how we act or think, more importantly, He can control the future. So if he sees your fish tank, he can snap his fingers and your fishes will love each other.

So i'm come to the conclusion that if God exists, He must hates us.
Repeat after me...

"I am a meat popsicle"

How does the universe differ from my fish tank? For all intents and purposes that tank IS their universe. They cannot comprehend outside of their universe. They cannot comprehend that I am human and can do what I like to them. I can snap my fingers and they will all die (or at least it would seem that way to them) when in reality I would just drop a few tablets of poison in the tank while they weren't looking. The premise is the same with God. Why is it so hard for humans to believe that we don't even have half a clue of what is really going on in this world/universe/multiverse/whatever. We are just meat popsicles, infants in this universe. We can barely roll over much less explain how the mysteries of the universe work. I think it's pretty self righteous to think otherwise.

I have yet to see God snapping his/her fingers to make everyone love each other, if I am mistaken feel free to call me out on it.