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Originally Posted by bartman32 View Post
I like what you have to say here. That is usually pretty close to my reasoning that God exists. However I also have reasons for why he must not - as an Agnostic.

If God did exist why would he allow the suffering, the wars the terror that happens? Why would he allow WWII with millions of people to die? Sure there can't be good without evil (how would you know either without the presence of both) but if evil can be so violent and so damaging why is there not the existence of its opposite?

Also if God existed and we weren't simply an accident don't you think we'd have come across (or would soon come across) life in other worlds? Wouldn't this have been replicated somewhere else? Or are we to believe that we are made to continue to evolve and spread around the universe much like Star Trek?

Just food for thought...

I too have thought about all of those horrible things and about the possibility of life elsewhere. The only answer I have come up with is that God is really an extension of everything in this universe and whatever else is out there besides this universe. God created everything as a sort of sensory experiment. He feels our pain and has empathy but is bound by his own laws to not interfere in the "program".

I came up with this notion one night when I was staring at my fish tank. I have one fish who likes to nip at one of the other's fins and gills. He was really starting to annoy the fish and myself in the process. What was I supposed to do though? Take the fish out and isolate him from his kin? Or maybe kill the fish? Neither would be fair to any of the fish. I was also a little curious about why he was doing it and decided to wait and watch the outcome. For all intents and purposes I might as well have been God at that point to the fish. I was able to alter their destinies, I had their very lives in my hand. Now that was done on pure will power and curiosity but imagine if I had the power to create matter or bend space-time.

I would not be able to control what I did (on purpose or accidentally) so I would put in "safeguards" to protect from my meddling. Of course I could always remove those safeguards at any time, but that would mean that there was no such thing as free will and that I have not truely accomplished anything but created a bunch of pre-programmed robots which had no free will of their own. I think God wants to experience all that we are, all that we were and all that we will become. I think the main experience he wants to experience is love, but humans gained all these extra emotions and there was no way to control them without interfering with free will. So he takes the good and takes the bad and takes them all and there he has...the facts of life.

As far as aliens, yeah, why would humans be the only being? Just because the bible says so? Meh, gotta take that book with a grain of salt...