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Please go read my review of the car........

from 3 days of driving the hell out of it on the Nurburgring F1 track last October! I am sorry if loafing around in traffic gave you a bad impression of the car. I recently drove a friends Aston Martin Vantage in traffic and it sucked!! Not sure what everyone is expecting, but this car is WAY better than the E46. This is all totally subjective and some may not like the car, but you can't judge it by taking a spin around the block. If 4.1 0-60, .98g of grip (R&T) and 60-0 100ft (Edmunds) don't do it for you your next best option might be a GT2 for about 190K! This car beat the Merc and Audi in all the comparisons when it comes to overall driving so in this class it is still #1.