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Originally Posted by ChrisFastM3 View Post
Opinions please. I have been told every 6 weeks is about right. Is this statement correct?
Well... it depends. There are 2 kinds of "wax". The real one, caranuba wax and the sealants. Caranuba wax gives depth to the paint. This is also known as the "3D" or "wet" texture. You really want to get this look in dark paints, but won't last as long as sealants, which give a more "glass-like" look and can last for months.

Some detailers use a base of sealant protect and caranuba over that to give a better wet look.

Good sealants are the zaino line, Klasse Sealant Glaze and chemical guys' jetSEAL. If you choose to wax, then chemical guys' 5050 is a great option.

You should waz/seal depending on a lot of things. First, what product are you using. Wax (caranuba) can last for maybe a month. You won't need to seal for at least 3 months.

It's also important how often you wash the car, what shampoo you use and what kind of treatment does the paint receive (snow, salt, etc...).

Hope that helps.