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I have noticed 2 sterotypes of BMW riders.

1, Classyness, wants a nice car, for luxury features and name, however had no intention of racing, and car fits budget, generally with idrive, prem pack, etc...

2, Stripped 330's with Sport pack only. 'Trying' to feel like they have a good luxury car, but in reality all they want it for is redlineing everyday.

If I could do it over again I would have not gotten a 3, because its a automatic sterotype that you couldent afford a real name brand car that was graduated in the series, such as like a mercedes CL500 or a 6 series...

Also, i am no longer willing to compromise not going out in bad weather or snow, so a supercharged Range sport might be in my future, i love my uncs......

I wont have this car for another 6 months.