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Originally Posted by hks786 View Post
Yeah I wonder why the thread is about Christians? Hmm...

If I was to answer though I'd say a Christian is who keeps the commandments and follows the example of Prophet Jesus (AS) as it is clearly recorded in the Bible. He kept fasts, he prayed with his forehead on the ground like all the other prophets in the Bible, he didnt eat pork or become drunk. He also grew a beard.

He remembered God at all times and testified that ultimate power and all knowledge is with God. He reveals it to whom he pleases. Knowledge like that of the last hour is only with God. He healed those blind, diseased and even gave life to the dead by the power God GAVE him.

The ironic thing is that as a Muslim I have NO problem with admitting any of the above. Infact it is perfectly inline with Islam
Christian beleave in God - and Jesus is his son. Thats it. Why do we have to do what he did?
As we read the bible we just have to be good people and do good things.
The bible is a guidense - not a book to follow side by side. That would be realy stupid and the world would not move for 2000 years.
Pork and alcohol? - you can make it - its for your pleasure. Where do Jesus say that you must not eat pork? - or drink?
Only extremists follows the bible word for word. Remember. Its a story written by people and its 2000 years old. Lots of things changed sinse then.