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Originally Posted by timsev View Post
Lucid, don't pay a dime more than you have to. I run into this exact situation with the local dealers in the area. We charge the customer a license fee ($100-$163 in IL) and also a $150 document fee to do the the legal paperwork. The doc fee is legitimate and is printed on every buyer's order. Anything more than that is just pure markup. A lot of dealers will call it a "prep" fee. I've seen it anywhere from $250-$500. It covers the dealer's cost of gas, floormats, and detailing the car, so the customer is really paying for that stuff. If it's not printed on the buyers order, don't pay it.

Stick by your word and don't back down. Trust me, that sales manager is probably scared shitless because he's got a custom built car on the way and he just pissed you off. Eventually, he'll swallow his pride and get rid of the fee.
My signed order sheet literally says "Car will be sold at MSRP; Deposit is Refundable" in dealer's hand writing. There is typed language on the form saying deposit is not refundable if buyer does not pick up car. And under the deposit box, it says $1000. It doesn't have anything else filled on it. There is a box for documentary preperation, but it is empty.

I was told I need to pay $80 for registration apart from this $258 documentation fee. If there are any other government or state taxes, I will pay. I will not pay for them to process paperwork, as their margin should cover that.

But who pays for the gas? Doesn't BMW cover that? Why is this guy telling me gas is a part of the documentation fee?