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[Tischer BMW | Silver Spring, MD] | *Long Write UP*

Tischer BMW
3211 Automobile Blvd3
Silver Spring, Maryland

I know there are a ton of people in the MD/DC/VA area- and even people who visit here as well, so here is my lowdown about this dealer.

I've bought my car from Passport BMW on 7/7/07, but they are quite a distance from me. So about 3 miles away from my home is located "Tischer BMW". Since its so close, why not go there right? Wrong.


Its fcking awful. I know I'm a 19 year old- although I don't look it, I do dress proper, I don't walk around wearing Jerseys and whatnot, and there isn't anything wrong with that, just you know what salesmen look for. I tried to ask them if I could test drive the E60 M5 or the E92 while I wait for my car to be done (from being serviced) and they said only people who have ordered the car can test drive it. Really? Because I haven't ordered one and test drove an IB M3 the other night. Anyways, not a big deal- but here is what really started pissing me off; I ASKED to SEE NOT DRIVE a 550i, and the gentleman (Aka slicked back hair douche bag) asked me what transmission I would prefer, I told him 6spd Man. He told me that the SMG and the tip were more popular, and that all they had in stock was a tip 550i in CB. He REFUSED to show me to the car. His first reason was that I wouldn't want it, because its not manual :hmm:. Second, because I was not purchasing the car- today. Also, I had to ASK for help versus someone helping me, I'm in sales- and this is not how it works.

When I took my car in, here is the following which was supposed to be accomplished:

  • Service Engine light- why is it on.
  • Airbag light reset- IS on because of body shop never reset it after new bumper install
  • Tire Pressure light on- Why? Tires are fine.
  • Major service- Oil service, brakes, gear fluid...all that stuff.
  • Installation of new BMW BOUGHT lenses.
  • Installation of Mtech fogs
  • "All window" button needed replacement, stopped working. Why? No clue.

The airbag light was reset with no problem, as was the tire pressure gauge. The servicing was also fine, the car runs like a complete champ. The window button was fixed, yay.

They said they couldn't install the lenses- because they don't deal with epoxy. Was it me, or do the e46 lenses CLIP off unlike my old X5 where you had to oven bake them. Hmmm, ok- still whether they do or not, I can do them my self- but the dealer should do them. I ordered them FROM BMW. The Mtech fogs, they said they couldn't do- fine I expected that, but worth a try right?

Service engine:

This has unfortunatley been on and off since I've bought the car. I have taken it back to both dealers numerous times, and they said because the light wasn't on at the dealer they could not run a diagnosis. Well, this time it was fcking on- and now I happen to have an exhaust system (Agency Power). So, of course- they blamed it on the exhaust system- and instead of putting it into warranty they tried to charge me $119.99 for labor for the PLUG in of the OBDII. Nice. Well, my father came to the dealer so we could talk to the GM of the dealer- and the guy was being obnoxious, I mean a complete "I'm wearing thin sqaure frames, I drink a Caramel Machiatto and drive a BMW with a key Fob...I need a KEYY FOBB". lol sorry I'm still pissed. Well, I was telling him how I didn't want to pay for it and he kept saying "uhhhhuhhh...uhhhuhhhhhhhh" non stop so I mimicked him and asked him are you even listening? He YELLED the following "YOU CAN EITHER PAY THIS DAMN BILL OR I'LL PUT A MECHANICS LEAN ON YOUR CAR AND SELL IT".

Well if I had stayed in that cheap dry walled office of his, I would have slapped him. I walked out, my father got the fee waived and this is when I decided I'm going to contact BMW NA. I'm sick of this. My parents bought a E34 525i from there back when, a E53 4.4i, I've bought SO many parts from them and even reffered TONS (20+) customers to them. Going into a Honda dealer- I get treated like its a priority to be treated well, not a fcking option.

The type of cars we ALL DRIVE on this forum, we should not be treated like this. Its absolutley pity that most of us refer to them as the "stealer ship" and that most of us usually have a hookup or a close friend within the dealer to help us. We shouldn't need that, we should just be treated well. I'm done. I know, very long write up- but I had to vent to my fellow Bimmer enthusiasts.

-Imraan S.