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Originally Posted by scottwww View Post
What information do you have on that point?

If any of the crimes for which Spitzer is accused leads to conviction should he still stay in office?

What grudge? Where is it so obvious?

Share your information. Otherwise you are still leaving us in the dark since the press isn't reporting it or we may not be giving close enough attention to the case.
The law I was reffering to is called the "Mann Act"

It was enacted in 1910, with the intent of outlawing White Slavery. It also allows for the prosecution of certain types of crimes on interstate-commerce grounds, prostitution being one of them.

Some info on the historical use of the Mann Act, and it's modern usage:

A Mann Act prosecution for Prostitution is pretty much unheard of since the 70s, and hasn't been used in more than a handful of cases for this purpose since the 1950s.

As for people he pissed off, I don't think there's any doubt there. Wall Street is dancing in the streets! He went on a personal crusade of moral righteousness as a prosecutor, and nailed a lot of people for relatively minor ethics violations. He also did a more than his fair share when it came to prosecution of those involved in organized crime.

As for ties between this organization and the Mob, that's impossible to prove in court unless someone squeals. It's very rare to see an organized crime trial, where the made man admits that organized crime even exists.

Given the volume of money involved, and the high-profile clients, I find it quite likely personally that this organization was tied to, or run by organized criminals, which makes Spitzer's actions that much more ironic.

Of course he shouldn't stay in! I don't think I said or implied anything along those lines. He'll be resigning shortly, and that's the right thing to do. It would be bad for the politics of the state of New York if he stayed in. Nothing would get done for the remainder of his term.

Personally, I could care less whether or not someone uses prostitutes, it's not even illegal in most places in the world, our laws are kind of backwards in that regard, as they are when it comes to most victimless crimes.

That said, it's pretty clear this clown needs to go. It's pretty clear from his actions that he has some sort of complex, based on the vast disparity between his private actions and public actions, and he broke the law. He has no place being a goobernator any longer.