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Originally Posted by asaulo1 View Post
wouldn't that look odd.... too wide on the front?
If you use the wheel calculator you will notice that with a 9.5" ET 27 wheel in the front (ZCP rear wheel), the difference compared with the E9x M3 front OEM 19" 8.5" ET 29 is:

11mm LESS clearance on the strut side, and the outside edge of the wheel will EXTEND an extra 15mm

That's within acceptable levels considering how wide the front fenders are and that in my old E46 M3 I was running 15mm spacers in the front with the front 8" ZCP wheels. Regardless, once I get my M3 I will be test fitting those wheels in the front to be 100% sure, especially the 11mm less clearance on the strut side. I think that the 15mm to the edge of the fender will be just perfect. And with that concave wheel front and back those wide fenders will be just nasty...

By the way, there's a M5 with the same setup in one forum... that's where I got the idea for the new M3.