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Originally Posted by FifthStreetz View Post
If your not interested, its cool. No one is telling you to buy them, everyone needs to make money to feed their families and theres no free lunch. For the convince of having these shipped to me, painted, and to have a spare set of OEM reflectors in hand to me is worth it.

This thread is for serious buyers, if you are not interested please do not respond or keep your opinions to yourself.


p.s. I am not profiting from this group buy in any way. I just wanted to help fellow members out there that are looking for a easy and simple alternative to orange reflectors at a good price.
Come on Fifth, no need to squelch discussion. Last I checked this was a discussion forum and all comments and opinions, if politely stated and honest, were both welcome and encouraged.

Also, just to be crystal clear I never stated nor implied you would be profiting on this.