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Originally Posted by e90im View Post
Why would having sex with a hot brunette be perverse?
There are a number of possible uses for the word perverse. Larry Craig is perverse in my view by the way that you appear to recognize the word, and was my intent. However, I see that you may not hold the view that Larry Craig was perverse. Perhaps a word that would mean more to you would have been "objectionable" as in, "For those who have not broken the law but are objectionable to you, just vote them out of office."

In the case of Governor Spitzer of New York, he was a law breaker (federal, state and local). My use of the word perverse did not apply to him in this sentence about "those who have not broken the law". Although I hadn't applied perverse to Spitzer, it can still apply in the sense of "a wicked and perverse generation" and may apply in the more common sense of the word perverse, though this word hadn't come to my mind in his regard until you brought it up.

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