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From what I've seen, I think there are markups all over.


I went to Santa Monica and they are marking up a loaded AW e92 w/ moonroof $15k.

Also in Long Beach they have an loaded AW e92 no moonroof marked up $20k

Not to mention that some salesman at LB came up to me while I was sitting in it and told me that it wasn't for sale, and that's why it's marked up $20k. I just laughed at him.

It seems they are trying to keep one on the floor in order to entice people to place an order or see who is willing to pay the markup.

Like others said, there were no "SOLD" tags on them, and salesmen are claiming that they are selling them with the markups.

Anyway, on another note, I saw and heard a JZB e90 m3 w/ 19's being moved to their back lot, and it looked and sounded pretty good. You can definitely see the blue in the sun. I have to say that the idle sound was more docile than I expected it to be, and it was a bit quiet even when he pulled away and kept it in 1stI imagine he reached around 4k rpms because it seemed to build up before he braked for a corner. It wasn't bad, but it's now clear that one needs to open her up to fully enjoy the noise...

I'm ready for the low mpgs, what about you guys?