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I have a situation...

I preordered an M3 coupe with a $2k deposit at Savage BMW in Ontario, California. They never charged my card, but have the information for it on file. I finally spoke with the sales manager because the 1st salesman I worked withno longer works at the dealership, he is saying that the minimum markup on my car is $10k. The sales manager said he could get me a sedan at msrp, but because their coupe allocation is only 50% to that of the sedan, they are marking them up. I never got an official letter from the dealership saying I was guaranteed msrp (I know, I am'll be the first and last time I make that mistake). All I have is an email from my original salesman saying "yes, we can do that". I will be calling tomorrow morning to speak with this sales managers boss if he is there. Is there anything I can do? or do I have to search for another dealership?

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