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I checked out SSII/FR sedan at BMW Woodlands today at lunch. The CA took me for a spin (he drove) and it was great. The engine sounded great at 4k rpm when we first started and once it warmed up he rev'd to 5500 and it was awesome. He did take some sharp turns and it handled beautifully. We were at 80 and it pulled easily when he put some gas to it. I can't wait to hear it at 8400 rpm.
As for the SSII/FR combo, I went there mainly to see FR. I had never (and still don't) plan to get silver. I was planning on AW/FR however, but now I'm not sure. The FR didn't quite wow me like I wanted it to. It was very nice but I hoped for a little more red. Now I'm debating AW/FR, AW/Black, or MR/Black.