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I think the tires have made a big difference here. Not the best comparison with the M3. Doesn't the Challenge Stradale have UHP tires and some lap times?

Nonetheless, this is very immpressive given the power to weight disparity among the cars.

F360: 7.8 lb/hp
M3 (US): 8.9 lb/hp

13% advantage to the Ferrari.

According to the N'ring regression analysis the power to weight advantage of the Ferrari should have been good for about 9 seconds advantage on that track. Is it possible that the tires made up this 9 seconds then added 4 more to take the lead? I'd guess the tires would just about equalize the 9 seconds, again making the M3s win all the more impressive.

Also south how about adding the F360 numbers to the "More performance..." thread? Such comparisons are valid and simply an honor for the M3.