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Cool M3 Premium Sound and futures

The Enhanced Premium Sound system in the M3 has at its core the most advanced DSP programming anywhere, and THIS is where it gets its nuances and richness. Dirac Research in Sweden did the software, and be aware that you will hear more about Dirac as time goes on. I also heard a Dirac-optimized system in an otherwise boring Chrysler Sebring sedan with the (very) ordinary factory sound system. After the Dirac Research reprogramming, I was absolutely blown away by the depth, accuracy, and range of the resulting sound. Just for the record, I am NOT employed by Dirac, but you better believe I am watching carefully for an opportunity to invest in the company. Apparently they are on the verge of more deals for sound systems in other high-end brands. These guys are totally onto something very cool and my musician's ears (40 years in jazz, R&B, and rock) were treated to aural beauty like I've never heard before. So - it ain't necessarily the amp or the head or the speakers, folks. It's the brains and ears and sweat coming out of Dirac Research.