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My co-worker picked up his new M3 last Friday and had been enjoying it over the weekend. But yesterday morning & afternoon and this morning, he said he's sick the car because it sucks driving in downtown LA traffic. Between the gear shifting (1st, neutral, 1st, neutral, etc) and the people looking at him, it's more a PITA for him to drive into work so he said he might keep it as his weekend fun car and continue to drive his Range Rover into work.

Speaking of which, I posted this on M3post about my friend who was looking into buying a M3 this weekend:

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The ironic part about that comment is that my friend did get a M6 this weekend instead of the M3. He went in wanting to get the M3 at MSRP without paying a markup and was ready with cash, and after calling we found one that was willing to work with him. But even with a reduced (down to) $2500 markup for him, and after running the numbers with the current MF and residual on the M3, he then looked into the M6.

Bottom line, same OTD fees, he picked up the M6 for $200/month cheaper than he would have gotten the $25k cheaper M3 for