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$20,000 mark up on new M3?

My car showed that i had a flat tire so i called the guy i know that works at my local bmw and he told me to stop by and he'd look at it. He comes out looks at my car, asks how my family's doing blah blah blah, then he goes ok i'm gonna put you in a new set of wheels. I was like ok great he's gonna get me some new wheels. he takes me inside and there she is. The AW M3 coupe and the monaco blue? i believe is the color? M3 sedan. wow. beautiful cars. the pics don't do them justice seeing them in front of your eyes is unlike anything else. I asked him how much they were going for and i nearly fell over when he said that it was about 70 grand but with a 20 grand mark up it came out to $90,000!!!???? and someone just bought the coupe yesterday he said for that amount. Call me crazy but 90,000 for an M3? sure its an amazing car but come on? 90 grand? there are other cars to be purchased with that money that would be better than an M3? how much are other peoples dealers selling M3's for?