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Originally Posted by M3aHOLIC84 View Post
This must of been recent or they changed their minds. Thats the dealership I was at a week ago and they were only asking MSRP. But their on crack regardless. Neva been to a Valencia, CA dealership but I've alwayss heard their prices are actually cheaper or "normal" if you wanna call it that
Unfortunately, the "stealership" at Valencia will charge over sticker since i've hounded them for a few months for a spot on their waiting list. But everytime I try to talk to someone about a waiting list, they've insisted on a "market adjustment" that they can't put a no. on yet. I guess they're waiting for all the other "stealerships" to put up over msrp nos. for them to gauge what they will charge. I would have loved to give them my business but no way I am paying over sticker. Even reasoning with them that I will give them the service business of it since I'll be a local doesn't sway them for the over msrp game. Oh well... I guess I have to drive 2 hours to pickup my baby when it's ready