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Originally Posted by footie View Post
Well based on the fact that UHP tyres improve times on the ring by 3~4s (might be more with some cars) that would place both roughly even on the ring. Is it known if the F360 with a manual or F1 gearbox?

The Hockenheim time with UHP tyres would most likely improve by 1.3~2s so chances are the F360 would be a little quicker here, but like I said both tyres and brakes will heat up a lot quicker in the M3 so it will only hold on to the Ferrari on the first 1 or 2 laps.
The Sportauto list reads "Ferrari 360 Modena" without mentioning F1, hence I assume it was MT.

We know a time of 1:15.4 for the M3 on PS2 tires, so you're right, the 360 is slightly faster.

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