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Originally Posted by O-cha View Post
I assume you made this post because someone offered more money for something you wanted to buy. It's their right to sell it for as much as they can get for it.

Next time you buy a car I assume you will simply pay retail rather then shopping around for the lowest price. It's the same principle you're complaining about.
umm, no. I made this post because i saw someone (who i dont know so its not like im defending a friend) call dibs on a item that they thought was xxx amount. And then he was excited and ready to paypal any minute so he could recieve the item faster. Next thing he knows, the guy told him he is not going to sell it to him because someone offered him more and wanted to know if he will top the price.

I think its BS because if you set a price and agreed to sell it for that price, you should keep to your word. If you wanted to gauge interest on how much your part is worth, thats what feeler threads are for. If you wanted to get more for your part, then dont put it up at such a low amount and start a bidding war till the price you want is reached. Like i said before, For Sale threads is for the seller to put a part on the market and put a price on how much he will sell it for.