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Originally Posted by timsev View Post
Thanks Lucid. I've been in the BMW community for years, so it's not like I just popped in here all of the sudden. I try my best to provide useful knowledge to the community here. I can understand how BMW3R would think that though. So no hard feelings.
If you were here simply to sell cars, I'd point you to the for sale section. But, you have been an active participant in the forum by providing useful information on several occasions, a BMW dealer's perspective, and I find that useful. I do believe that you truly mean to help us M3 freaks out in your own way; I don't have a problem if you make some money in the process. BMW3R might not have seen your previous posts, so I guess his point is also understandable.

So, when can I have my free M3 floormats shipped then?

What's your take on the M3 market by the way? Demand seems surprisingly soft to me. Probably the state of the economy?