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Evidence for it is readily available for both peer review and laymen education.
Since you wanted me to provide “evidence”, here it is, straight from the mouth of National Academy of Sciences.
I suppose I can forgive this since I haven't mentioned it in this specific thread, but I will now. (And you may recall it from other threads) Changes in traits and allele frequency is easily proven and I agree it works. What bothers me is that humans, indeed every single organism on this planet came about from a pool of water with some organic compounds floating in it. Chemistry tells us how those compounds were formed on the early Earth, but after that we have no explanation. Let me again remind you that intelligent design doesn't not necessarily refer to God. That phamplet said "creationism" which is but one possibility of intelligent design. It could have been God, or it could have been the black monolith, some alien species, et al.
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shit, if i had that kind of money id buy a gtstreet for monday, an ascari a10 for tuesday, a DBS for wednesday and id just ride jessica alba the rest of the week.