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Makes perfect sense. The sellers are shopping around for the best buyer while you shop around for the best seller.

You can't say its fair one way and not the other. So unless you never shop around for the best price you shouldn't be throwing stones at people doing the same thing.

Oh and ebay has fees and is full of crooks, it's also a PITA to use sometimes.
Yeah ebay has fees and is a PITB sometimes, I agree, but it's more logical to put your stuff on EBAY if you want to obtain the highest offer. Other forums, use the 'dibs' system. You set a price and stick with it, you don't set a price and get offered higher, and then keep going higher, makes no sense to the people buying it. I mean, I see some prices on the SSTT get up to about 475$, you can get a new one for 485$........

Price shopping on vendors in my book is different. On this board and past board the vendors are usually up to no good, so I price shop and talk them down to my lowest I got.... On vendors do HW, but on used shit, ebay status is a waste....

but to each his own..... bad business practices.