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Originally Posted by e90im View Post
What is mindless about it? Answer and be specific?

Isn't calling my response mindless without supporting evidence, a mindless attack itself?
"Christians are manipulated by guilt trip while your religious leaders are getting massages from male escorts while smoking crack." -e90im
You draw conclusions that are nonsense and do not support your argument. As a perfect scientist, you shouldn't offer opinion, just the facts. No hyperbole.
I said it many times, Science is NOT a body of knowledge and encyclopedias. Itís a way of thinking. Critically. Search for truth based on evidence.
You presume that Christian and religious people do not think critically. You jump to lazy conclusions.
You worship obedience to authority. You suppress important questions that need enormous evidence, and accept bizarre book as truth.

Life is full of wanders without need to make up false ones. Just buy a telescope and attend astronomy class at the local community college...
I don't think I have suppressed any questions. I may ignore some that are of no interest to me. Ask someone who cares.

How much of the Holy Bible have you read? How long ago?

I used to read avidly about astronomy. I still watch many shows on astronomy and read science news. I once thought I wanted to be an astronomer. It is fascinating science. I don't want a telescope. One that is worth using is somewhat expensive (I have a good Christian friend who has a 14" telescope). I don't want to stay up so late at night to see what I can get in photos (I am not a late nighter).

You dismiss other people's beliefs as false because they are different than your own, yet where you have different beliefs, when they are not embraced by someone you identify as religious, then you belittle them as if it will make you bigger.
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