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Originally Posted by johnnymu View Post
I think the misconception is that Religion ignore science, that is not the case. A lot of us are you scientist, infact many famous theory that you keep using are by scientist that give glory to the the lord. There are many examples that goes from Issac Newton, Albert Einstein, Michael Faraday, Galileo Galilei just to name a few. So why can't you accept religion and science can co-exist? Because I can, everyday I have to use the laws of science and religion. All those theorie you argue are true but remember most of them were created by people who also believe in God.
You are right about Newton. Einstein was not religious in a way that you would like him to have been. But thatís a different topic.

Iíve said before that SCIENCE and RELIGION are incompatible ways of understanding the world. This doesnít mean that both canít reside in the same human being.

However, when one practices science, one can NOT be religious and the other way around. Itís a way of thinking. Science thrives on evidence and proof. Religion dismisses it and claims monopoly on truth.
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